Tips On Creating Great Designs For Iron On Patches

As we’ve learned firsthand, people who order iron on patches commonly provide their own designs. Click here to know more about iron on patches. It could either be their own design or a logo they already have for their organization or company. Submitting your own logo or design can help you save time from revisions and can cut the duration of processing your orders.

Iron-on-patchesHowever, if you do not know how to create your own designs, there is no reason to worry since you can opt for online stores that are able to create designs for your company or organization. Most manufacturers offer this feature for free but it will cost time especially if the person who placed the order is choosy when it comes to designs.

Clarifying Your Designs

If you opt to have the manufacturer create a design for your iron on patches, you must be clear about how you want them to look. Failing to do so can result to orders that are not according to what you prefer. This is not much of a deal though since most companies won’t start manufacturing your patches unless you approve the sample of the design they created for you.

Patch stores do not usually require a camera-ready artwork. You can simply submit your sketch and it will be fine. They will create a sample of it and send the photo to you for your approval. If you cannot provide a sketch, a written description will be acceptable as well since they have specialists that can produce designs just the way you like them.

Shapes And Borders

The most sought out shapes of custom patches are the regular ones such as circle, oval, square and rectangle. If you are planning to apply a custom shape to your iron on patches, you must give it a go since most manufacturers are able to apply irregular shapes into the patches they create. They apply laser cut edge to these kinds of shapes in order to avoid messy borders.


You can simply draw the shape you want your patches to have and submit it to the manufacturer of your choice if you want to. If you are fond of traditional or regular shaped patches, merrow edge is what you can expect them to have since this is the type of border that is commonly applied to them.

Have Contrast

In order to make your patches noticeable, it is crucial to be certain that your details and lettering are as visible as possible. Your design must have a good contrast in order to emphasize the message, image and each content that is in it.

If your details or letters have a dark color, the background of your design must be a light color and vice versa. For instance, the contents of your emblems will not be highly visible or can be difficult to understand if they are light blue in color and has a yellow background. Red or black details will not be understandable on a royal blue background either.

Lettering Sizes

In order to convey your emphasis, the main lettering on your iron on patches must be large and bold. The shortest ideal height of letters for a 3-inch patch is ¼ inch. A 4-inch patch should have a 5/16 inch lettering or taller. The lettering of 5-inch patches should be at least 3/8 inch. This is just for the main lettering.

Iron on patchesYour other lettering can be smaller but you have to keep in mind that embroidered letterings look best if they are at least ¼ inch in height. Smaller letterings can look clear as well but the ones that are ¼ inch or taller appear sharper. Letterings that are just 1/8 inch in height are highly discouraged.

There are countless ways to design your patches but it is important to keep the quality and readability in mind in doing so. We know that this guideline can help you convey the message you want your iron on patches to have. By following this, you can be certain that your patches will not just look like a mess on your garment.

Here we are sharing some tips for creating your own iron on patches with unique designs. For more information visit